A new social enterprise focused on helping those experiencing homelessness obtain stable employment and permanent housing. 

At Valeo Vocation,

our name defines our values

Valeo /'va.le.o/: Latin, meaning strong, well, healthy, having worth


Vocation: employment for which a person is suited and trained, and which is regarded as worthy and requiring dedication 

We strive to see our clients, customers, and community be strong and healthy. We believe that every person has intrinsic value, and a special purpose for which they are uniquely suited. When a person is working in their purpose, they are inherently strong, and contributing not only to their individual wellbeing, but making their entire community a better place. 

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For Our Clients

We provide individuals in Tacoma and Pierce County who are experiencing homelessness with: 

  • An opportunity to earn a wage, escaping unemployment and homelessness 

  • Case management to navigate support systems and reduce barriers to employment 

  • Supportive services to enhance success in the workplace 

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For Our Customers

We provide businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies with:

  • A trained and ready work force on demand 

  • Expanding labor supply in a tight market, at competitive labor rates 

  • Convenient invoicing; Valeo Vocation takes care of HR and payroll 

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For Our Community

We reduce homelessness in our communities through an innovative social enterprise that sustainably provides 80% of gross revenue needed to operate.


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Are You An Employer?

Consider contracting with Valeo as a way to fill short-term staffing needs, or even as a source for potential long-term employees. Contact us to see how we can best fit your staffing needs.

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Do You Need Assistance?

We are now accepting clients.  Please click the button below to apply.

Do You Want to Help?

Make a donation check payable to Valeo Vocation and mail to:

Valeo Vocation

PO Box 5907

Tacoma, WA 98415

Valeo Vocation is an IRS recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. Donors are encouraged to consult with their tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether a contribution is deductible.


Staffing for Housing




Valeo Vocation only succeeds with the help of our partner organizations.

Through a strategic partnership between Salvation Army Tacoma and Valeo Vocation, there is a constant stream of new workers to help keep Salvation Army operations running smoothly, and Valeo clients are gaining valuable work experience.

“It gives them a sense of pride. I love having them here,” says Salvation Army Tacoma Social Services Director Heather Wiley.

Read more about why this partnership is a win/win for everyone involved.



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